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Ableton Colorado User Group Launches Free Collective Patch Library on GitHub


Ableton Colorado User Group in conjunction with DJNSM/Datamafia launches a Free Collective Patch Library on GitHub. The premise behind this site library is to create “an area where we can share, store, and expand our library using the basic building blocks of Ableton.“

The rules are simple: Original stuff please Nothing that requires wave files…[don't use FX that are exclusive to Suite]. Any patch config from the Ableton platfrom (Operator, Analog, Tension, M4L, etc) is welcome! Macro your patch and label the main 8 (or less) macro knobs. If you can't do it in 8 macros, turn it into multiple patches. When naming your knobs use logical names. One knob called "Tweak" is okay, but everything else should make sense (e.g. Filter Freq, wet/dry, distortion, etc) Yes! Max4Live patches are welcome!

Currently Marc the moderator adds patches to the library which users can download as one .zip file. This works well so far as there are no .wav files and these are patches within racks.


Things are just getting rolling but there are some fun patches out there already for Analog, FX, and Operator by DJNSM, James Tobin, and Chase Dobson (who’s been on the road doing backline Ableton Tech for Mike Posner), and yours truly.

James Tobin wins the award for patch names that make me LOL with…


More info on how to download and contribute here:

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