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Gridfest Monome Community Event May 6-8 2011 in Sante Fe NM

In the spirit of collaboration, as it is exemplified by artistic endeavor, the monome community is once again organizing a large scale event showcasing the broad spectrum of talent of monome users. Artists from around North America will be attending and performing in a series of concerts and workshops to be held at Corazon and Santa Fe Complex. Funding for the festival is also community based: a Kickstarter Project has been created, seeking assistance in offsetting the cost of airfare, accommodations, venue rentals and promotions.

This looks like a pretty cool festival and I like their use of Kickstarter to help fund this community event. There are all many levels of donation possible. The $250 level is interesting for those who might want to build a Monome clone.

All rewards at $25 level + a four hour workshop where you will learn how to create an arduinome (monome clone). All parts will be supplied, including custom enclosures for the devices and participants will leave with a fully functional grid controller.

By the way, did you know that your Novation Launchpad can emulate a Monome free software? I’ll do a follow up post on this shortly.

More info here –

Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO

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