(Modulate This) Synth: ElectraX

Tone2 ElectraX Virtual Synthesizer is Now Available


Tone2’s brand new monster virtual instrument ElectraX is now available. I’ve been working with it in beta form since October and really love it. I made the credits by the way – woot! (once you install it, click the Tone2 label at the top of the synth to see the credits). 

I've already started writing custom patches and have been using ElectraX heavily for some new songs I'm working on. I plan on sharing some programming notes in the future. For now, wee my post “Exclusive: First Look at Tone2's New ElectraX Virtual Synth” for an overview.

You can get the final right now for $199 USD for either PC or Mac.  For links to sample MP3s, a downloadable demo, and more details, visit the official site.

Full disclosure – courtesy of Tone2 I will be getting the a copy of ElectraX but I don’t receive any benefit from your purchase.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder CO

6 replies on “Tone2 ElectraX Virtual Synthesizer is Now Available”

Hey Mark can’t wait to see some of your notes and tips for this one, I’m downloading the demo right now as I love Tone2 stuff, I’m VERY glad this is a 64bit synth, means I no longer have to use jbridge to get some Tone2 sound in my host 😉


Yes, versatile is a good way to describe it with all the possible oscillator types. It’s really becoming a go to synth for me as it’s so easy to tweek to change the character of the sound. For example, the Filter drive options are pretty great for adding some bite. Plus there are some handy menus for doing things like copy Synth1 to Synth2 and then slightly vary synth 2.


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