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SCOREcast Podcast the Emerging Film Composer – Episode 18 Links


I’m a big fan of Twitter. Twitter has been a great way to find and connect with others with similar interests – more so than any other social networking too I’ve used.

I recently met the composer Dean Ogden  on Twitter and discovered that he and fellow composer Lee Sanders have a great podcast called SCOREcast (Podcast | Facebook Page). It’s a Podcast for the Emerging Film Composer which offers an insider's view into the art, technology, and business of writing music for films and television.

Dean asked me and many other composers around the world to contribute to a segment in Episode 18 by offering some links to web sites recommend for emerging composers.

I recommended:

SCOREcast Episode 18 just went live. My portion appears at the 26:24 Min mark. It’s a great podcast  and the "links" segment had so many great links in it I decided to take the time to create a mind map to document all the composers pages and their recommended links. I posted this "bookmark" map to a web site so you could browse through the composers and easily jump to the web sites mention. The web site has links to a downloadable Mindmanager version and interactive PDF version of the map.

 Click here to access this hyperlinked bookmark map.


Mark Mosher

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