Video Tutorial: How To Use Ableton Live Racks To Create Multi-Sampled Instruments

Watch Video: How To Use Ableton Live Racks to Create Multi-Sampled Instruments

I’ve seen questions recently in Modulate This comments, and on the Ableton Live forum regarding the creation of multi-sampled instruments in Ableton Live. This video tutorial is  step-by-step how-to video that walks you through the creation of a velocity switched multi-sampled instrument using Ableton Live, Ableton Simpler, Instrument Racks, and Drum Racks.

Mark Mosher

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6 thoughts on “Video Tutorial: How To Use Ableton Live Racks To Create Multi-Sampled Instruments

  1. Saw this from the link off the Ableton forum. The video is informative, almost mind-opening for a new Live user such as myself, and it’s also really well done. I look forward to seeing more of these. Thanks!

  2. Got the comment below from banthpope over on YouTube. I was trying to keep things simple but agree with the comment so based on this feedback, I updated the video with some annotation bobbles to include these tips.
    A couple of time-savers:
    * Just drag all of the clips straight to the instrument rack, this will still create four separate simplers with the default settings
    * When setting velocity (and other) maps equally, just right-click (or ctrl-click on one-button mac) and there is a menu option “distribute ranges equally”
    seems a shame to not use those features, especially for something as tedious as building multisamples

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