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Modulate This Blog Turns 3


Modulate This Turns Three
Modulate This is now three years old and I’m happy to report that the popularity continues to grow month after month.

I want to thank the hundreds of readers out there who subscribed, those who take the time to comment, and those who use the links on this site to shop. I especially want to thank those who donated. As you can imagine, some of the more complex tutorials and the video tips are quite time consuming to produce so I really appreciate your support.

What’s Next?
Up till now, this blog has been a mixture of discovery articles, tips, news, and step-by-step tutorials. In looking back, my most popular articles and the ones that have made the most difference to you readers are the more detailed step-by-step tutorials. To help grow the blog and make an even bigger impact on your work, my vision for the coming year is to write articles to help you:

5 Ways to Support Modulate This!
Here are ways you can support Modulate This moving forward.

  1. Subscribe: Subscribe  if you haven’t done so.
  2. DIGG: Click on "Digg" and other social book marking links at the footer of articles to recommend my posts. 
  3. Pass it On: Know a friend who might find this blog helpful? Tell A Friend 
  4. Join the Conversation: Click the "Comments" link at the footer of articles to join in the conversation. 
  5. Donate: Use the links on this blog to shop, and consider making a donation if you like what you are reading.

Comments From Readers
I’ll close by passing along some awesome comments from readers.

Thanks again for another great year!

Mark Mosher


"Tutorial: How to use the Axiom 25 with Ableton Live and with Live’s Impulse Drum Sampler"

  • Excellent! I’ve been trying to figure this out for a few days since buying the gear, and this did the trick! Well worth the donation! 
  • Kick ass article. That’s how Moldover does it!! Seriously, worth the read. Look for some paypal money in your account.
"Video Tutorial: How to Use the Vocoder in FL Studio"
  • Best tutorial out there.
  • Thank you so much, I’ve always wanted to use the vocoder… and now I will in my next song thanks to you! good tutorial!
Video Tutorial: Creating A Pattern with the Step Sequencer in FL Studio
  • OMG Thank you I didn’t know how to put the patterns on the song now I do. Great help!
  • Finally a tutorial that actually helps!!!! thx lad!!
M-Audio Trigger Finger Tutorial & Enigma Preset for FL Studio FPC
  • This is the most helpful thing I’ve found on the Internet yet. Thank you sooooo MUCH!!!! 
  • You are a god, this is the kind of knowledge I’ve been searching for. You got me out of a real puddle, thank you so much.

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