Get 10% off of the new release of FL Studio

Allboxesfrontmirrorfatter_1 FL Studio 6 just released. FL Studio has always been one of my favorite virtual software music environments – especially if you want to go beyond simply creating music on royalty free loops. This is a fantastic new release with tons of new features. I’ll mention a few new features in this post and talk in more detail in future posts.

New Plug-Ins:   

  • Instrument: Direct Wave – Advanced Sampler plug-in. 
  • Generator: Fruity Envelope Controller – Automation plug-in. 
  • Generator: Wasp XT – Updated Wasp, new interface and additional modulation. 
  • FX: EQUO – Automatable equalizer plugin. 
  • FX: Fruity Delay Bank – Advanced Delay/Filter plugin. 
  • FX: Fruity Multiband Compressor – Variable 3 Band Compressor. 
  • FX: Fruity Reeverb 2 – Enhanced reverb plugin. 
  • FX: Fruity Squeeze – Distortion/Bit-reduction plugin. 
  • Visualization: Chrome – Video synthesizer, controlled from the Piano Roll.

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